Cuting Electrodes
  GLOMELT - 901
  Coding : AWS A/SFA 5.15 E NI CU B
  Characteristics :  
GLOMELT-901 is specially designed for fairly, smooth and faster cut and piercing and beveling metal in all positions on AC or DC (-) supply it’s work on high current and use up to 50mm without overheating. It gives forceful arc and possible to cut all metals and alloys without addition source such as gas, air compressor, oxygen torches or auxiliary equipments.
  Application :  
GLOMELT-901 is an ideal electrodes for metal arc cutting piercing and beveling carbon steels, alloys, steels, cast irons, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and also other non ferrous metal and alloys which can not by conventional process glomelt-901 is used for removing defect in casting, defective weld , back gouging root run, removing rivets, risers and bottles.
Sizes (mm) Current Range Amps Wt. 1000pcs/Kg. (Approx) Pieces Per Carton Kg. Wt. per Case Kg. (Approx)
5.00×450 250-320 100 3 36
4.00×350/450 200-250 46/62 2.5/3 30/36
3.15×350 140-190
AC/DC (-)
28 2.5 30
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