Classification/Coding :

 AWS E8018 B2 Dry the elctrodes at 300 C/1hr for best results

 Characteristics :
A meduim-heavy-coated, hydrojen controlled, iron powder type electode giving 1.2Cr./0.5 Mo steel deposit. the electrode give quite arc, negligible spatter and easily detachable slag. Welds are radographically sound and can be used in all positions.
Creep and heat resisnce up to 550 C.
  Application :
For Welding 1Cr/0.5 Mo and similar creep-resistant steels represented by ASTM A 182-F2, F11, F12 A387-2, 11, 12, 13 Cr Mo 44, 15 Cr Mo 44, 15 Cr Mo 5, etc, used in boilers, power plants, oil-refineries and chemicals plants.
AC mm DC Amp
6.30 260-320
5.00 190-230
4.00 140-180
3.15 100-130
2.50 60-85